Stray Border Collie RISKS His Life To Save A Little Girl

Superheroes come in all forms; and some happen to have fur, four-legs and wagging tails, like this stray Border Collie who courageously leapt in front of a speeding truck to save a little girl’s life.

“The little girl was coming off the curb and the dog stepped out in front of her keeping the car that was coming down through here from hitting her,” neighbor Charles Saxton, a witness, told KOCO. “He really was a watchdog, that truck came speeding down. He saved her life. Saved her from getting hit. I don’t know if it would have killed the girl or not but it mangled the dog pretty bad.”

Source: KOCO

Source: KOCO

The brave pup was first seen around the area [in Oklahoma City] three weeks before the incident. He was known to be a friendly dog and was regularly fed by people in the town.

The dog, given the name “Angel” for his heroic act, was seriously injured and suffered a broken leg. He is currently at the OKC Animal Welfare animal shelter where he is being taken care of and awaiting surgery.


Source: OKC Animal Welfare

Fortunately, while waiting to be healed, Angel has found his furever home and was adopted by a family who will give him the love he deserves.

Thank God there is a happy ending to this story! His new name suits him perfectly, for he is truly an angel!

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