Stray Dog Suffering From Severe Skin Infection Transforms Into Playful Puppy After Being Rescued

Self proclaimed “crazy dog lady”, Charlotte Hailey, spotted a malnourished, stray dog suffering from a severe skin condition near a market in Bali, Indonesia, and was determined to rescue her.

The little dog was missing hair, had inflamed skin and clearly in pain, but walked up to Hailey wagging her tail. Hailey is not a stranger to stray dogs in Bali as she works with Mission Paws’ible, an Australian charity focused on rescuing stray dogs in the area.

Screen Shots: Facebook/The Dodo

The sweet dog came up to her as she offered her some tasty treats, but she needed to leave to get rescue supplies. When Hailey returned the stray dog was nowhere to be found. Luckily, a local man who works at the market knew where the dog slept and agreed to help Hailey catch the dog.

A cage was placed in the dog’s hiding area and by the next day the little dog was inside. The dog was named Delilah and immediately taken to a vet. She received all the necessary medical treatment and slowly started to regrow her beautiful white coat.

Photos: Instagram/missionpawsible

After several weeks of treatment, Delilah went to live with foster mom, Amelia. The pair immediately bonded and Delilah followed Amelia all around the house and never left her side, even in the bathroom.

Photos: Instagram/joyfullylilahdelilah

It didn’t take long for Delilah to feel safe and transform into a playful puppy. “My guess is that she didn’t have time to properly be a puppy when she was on the street, so I think once she got her, and she got comfortable, her puppy personality just kinda showed up,” Amelia told The Dodo.

Delilah was living her best life with her new foster mom and loved going to the beach and meeting other dogs. When Delilah wasn’t doing zoomies on the beach, she loved cuddling and watching TV.

Photos: Instagram/joyfullylilahdelilah

Amelia decided that Lilah Delilah, as she is now called, was her perfect match so she adopted her. Despite all that the sweet dog went through, “she’s still a very happy-go-lucky kid,” said her mom.

Delilah is believed to be a Kintamani, dog breed native to Indonesia. “Their intelligence is unlike other breeds. For lack of a better expression, instead of book-smart, they’re street-smart. They are quick-wit and curious,” posted Amelia. She hopes that Delilah’s story and carefree personality will make people smile and inspire them to adopt. Stay up to date on Delilah’s adventures on her Instagram page. Rescue is the best breed, so adopt don’t shop!

Watch Delilah’s rescue and transformation in the video below.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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