The 10 Strangest Pet Names Of 2020

2020 has been an unusual year on so many different levels. It seems as if the 800,000 pets found in the United States are also adding to the unusual nature of the year. After all, people are choosing some of the strangest names and they are even voting on the ones that are the strangest.

In the canine category, it was a dogfight till the end, until a Chinese crested dog came out on top. That dog was named Scarlet No Haira. Other notable silly dog names in the category included Anakin Tailwagger, Joan of Bark, Sugar Bubbles Fancypants, Andre Igoudogla, Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface, Stella Barktois, The Other Dude, Trillium Points Jacobs Ladder, and Zoe Max Berger Sacks.

The feline that ended up at the top of the heap was Edgar Allen Paw. The competition was also fierce among the felines, with other strange names including Admiral Turbo Meowington, Captain Sushi, Copurrrnicus, Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst, Fernsbane the Inquisitive, Macaroni Bob, Mingus Pookiebutts, Neville Furbottom, and Tika Meowsala being considered.

People love dogs for different reasons but for the chief veterinary officer at Nationwide, Dr. Jules Benson, said creative pet names are wonderful.

“I’m always mystified when I meet someone who says they don’t like puns,” he told TODAY. “It’s the most amazing thing that we have within the English language – this silliness that we can have with them. The fact that the two winners are Scarlett No Haira and Edgar Allan Paw, I think, is fantastic.”

Benson sees many pets in his practice as a veterinarian but he is especially fond of those who have a unique and unusual name. He speaks about how the industry is home to many wonderful and warmhearted individuals. When they see a medical record that includes an unusual name, it gives them the opportunity to act a little silly.

He continues: “Especially this year, I think that’s a wonderful thing – a gift to give to my veterinary colleagues to have these imaginative names that give us a little insight into who you are and where you’re coming from.”

Kathleen Carter and her husband were going through cancer treatments when Scarlett No Haira became a part of their family. They credit that dog with helping them get through a difficult situation, loving the snuggles that she gave.

That family has other Chinese crested as well, including one of the current dogs, Loretta Lynn. Other pets they had in the past were Lucille Bald and Cher.

Brian and Celena Montoya live with their 12-year-old daughter, Celeste, and the winner from the feline category, Edgar Allan Paw.

“Eddie has this little toy that looks like a mouse, and he’ll grab it and bring it over and drop it at your feet,” Brian Montoya told TODAY. “He’ll wait for you to throw it or kick it away and then he’ll go get it and bring it back to you. It’s pretty funny.”

Although Edgar tends to be friendly, he also isn’t afraid to do the feline thing and shy away from people. When the two-year-old feline wants some loving, however, he just jumps in the stroller and waits for a ride.

They are thrilled that they won the “Wackiest Cat Name of 2020 “and say that it has been crazy, but very fun.

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