They’ve Been Together For 15 Years. The Lengths He Goes To Be With Her Each Year Are Unbelievable!

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The incredible love story of two storks, Klepetan and Malena, began 15 years ago on a rooftop in Brodski Varos, a little village in Croatia. At the end of each August, Klepetan migrates to South Africa and leaves behind Malena, his female partner, in their nest on the rooftop. She spends fall and winter without him, but every March for the past 15 years, Klepetan flies back to be reunited with Malena.

Source: Total Croatia News

Source: Total Croatia News

The reason why Malena cannot migrate with him is because her wings were injured by a hunter over 20 years ago. She is unable to fly much, let alone fly 8,000 miles with Klepetan. But while Klepetan is gone, Malena isn’t completely alone. A man named Stjepan Vokic has been taking care of her ever since she was injured. He also prepares a bucket of fish to give to Klepetan when he returns each year. When Klepetan is expected home, the media gathers around the village to watch if the stork will come back. And every year, Klepetan returns back to his Malena, despite his long, tiring journey!

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