Stop Your Dog From Digging With These 5 Simple Tricks

If you own a dog, chances are, your lawn isn’t your highest priority.

Dogs love to run around, dig holes, and sometimes just roll in the dirt. They’re just trying to have fun. Can you blame them?

Still, all that fun can leave you with a patchy brown backyard. It can be hard to keep dogs from digging holes, but it can be done.

Follow these tips and you’ll understand how.

Source: Unsplash
Lots of dogs like to dig. Do you know how to stop them?

5. Get out and play

In many cases, dogs dig holes out of boredom. They may just need some exercise. According to the Humane Society, dogs may even dig if they think it’s a game.

Here are a few ways to tire your canine companion out:

  • Walk your dog two times every day.
  • Play fetch and other active games
  • practice some simple commands or tricks regularly.

    • Source: Unsplash
      Keep your dog tired out and distracted to deter them from digging.

      4. Distract them with toys

      When your dog has trouble focusing on less destructive behavior, you can reach their brains through their stomachs, and reinforce positive outcomes at the same time.

      You can find a number of options in the Animal Rescue Site store. Fill the Original KONG® Dog Toy with treats and you will have your pet working out its muscles and its mind, while the Doggles Pentapulls® Dog Toy can engage your pet even if you dont have a lot of room to play.

      For those with big yards, the is the perfect toy. Throw it high and watch your dog chase it down. Keeping your lawn hole-free has never been more enjoyable!

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