A Traveling Nurse Was Left in Shock After Discovering Her Camper and Australian Sheepdog Got Stolen

Mason Gray is a pediatric traveling nurse who worked a 12-hour shift at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She and her dog Bexley stayed in a 1971 camper for two weeks. During their stay, they relocated to various locations such as RV sites and parks, Echo Park, and Silverlake. Mason and Bexley were enjoying the camper life in Los Angeles — the areas were safe, and no sign of inconvenience.

Photo: Youtube/NBCLA

However, one Saturday night, Mason had just returned from her shift when she discovered that her camper was out of sight. She was left shocked and panic-stricken — the trailer did not just have her belongings but also her beloved six-year-old Australian Sheepdog. Mason left her camper at the corner of Sunset Drive and Sunset Boulevard, behind the Vista Theatre.

“My whole life was in there. I just spent a day and a half organizing everything to make it livable,” Mason said. It was really devastating and heartbreaking for her — knowing that her best friend Bexley was out with whoever stole her camper. As soon as she fully absorbed the situation, Mason reported the case to the Los Angeles Police Department. Her friends also helped her by calling animal shelters as Mason checked every security camera within the vicinity.

Photo: Youtube/NBCLA

Consequently, she found footage showing her camper with the suspect’s car but the video wasn’t clear enough to determine the license number. The search did not stop because of that — the LAPD was able to gather photos of the camper van and catch the thief. It was one long night for Mason, but she was immensely grateful to all the people who helped. After the problem got resolved, a heartwarming reunion happened at the LAPD station. Bexley ran toward Mason for a hug and kissed her human parent. Thankfully, the dog was safe and unharmed — Bexley was jumping up and down, excited at the presence of Mason.

“Literally, it’s just — hard work pays off,” Gray said after the reunion. “I went out there, and I was not going to give up. I was gonna literally search day in and day out to find her, and I’m so happy I have her. I’m just in bliss right now.”

Losing your belongings is one thing but losing your dog best friend is a different kind of anxiety. Watch Mason and Bexley’s reunion after that horrifying night in Los Angeles. Here’s an interview from NBCLA.

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