With A Badly Injured Paw, This Cat’s Recovery Wasn’t The Vet’s Only Surprise!

Lady Bell was brought to Vet Ranch by a rescue organization for treatment on her back leg. The damage to her leg wasn’t the only thing that Dr. Matt noticed right away; he noticed that this little lady was a he! A name change became a must. So let’s start over… Meet Stitch, a cute little cat that arrived at Vet Ranch with a very unfortunate looking hind leg. Dr. Matt and his team had no idea what caused the injury to Stitch’s back left leg. It could have been anything because Stitch had been passed from shelter to shelter before he reached the doors of Vet Ranch and nobody seemed to have any of his medical history. However, they did know that Stitch’s back left paw curled under his leg, they knew that he couldn’t step with it and instead dragged the paw as he walked, and they knew that he would need an amputation. Or at least that was what they thought.

YouTube- Vet Ranch

YouTube- Vet Ranch

Dr. Matt did not want to amputate this friendly cat’s leg. So he did something a bit different. Instead of removing Stitch’s entire back left leg, Dr. Matt decided to just remove Stitch’s toes and surgically move the pad on the back of his foot (the one that cats are supposed to walk on) forward to act as a sort of makeshift paw. This task was not an easy one. While the first surgery went well, recovery did not. The paw didn’t heal very well, so Dr. Matt took Stitch back into surgery. And again, recovery did not go as planned. But Dr. Matt didn’t give up hope. He really wanted to save Stitch’s leg, so a routine was formed. Five surgeries and a few months later, Stitch’s leg finally showed the results Dr. Matt had been hoping for!

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Matt and his team at Vet Ranch, Stitch has all four legs and is able to walk without issue!

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