This Dog Needed Knee Surgery After She Got Injured, But Her Joyful Spirit Remained

This four-year-old yellow Labrador, named Stella, had to have knee surgery after she got injured. Thankfully, the surgery went well, but her recovery required a ton of rest. Stella wasn’t allowed to run around or play while she healed, so she grew very bored. She’s a very active dog, so sitting still wasn’t easy for her.

Nine months later, she’s all healed up and able to resume to her normal life. Now, she’s better than ever! She enjoys digging holes in the dirt, swimming in the lake, rolling around in the soft grass, playing with her doggy siblings, and babysitting her human siblings.

Despite her rough injury and operation, her joyful spirit has remained. She never stopped smiling or wagging her tail, and she has such a positive attitude through it all. Stella is such a happy dog, and her life is the perfect example of the kind of life that all dogs deserve to live.

Sadly, there are many dogs who are stuck in shelters, and may never get to experience a life like Stella’s. Next time you’re considering adding a dog to your family, consider adopting! You could give a shelter dog a very happy life like Stella! All pups deserve to run around freely, play with doggy friends, and feel the love that Stella’s family makes her feel every day!

There are also many dogs, like Stella, whose lives could be transformed by surgery or another corrective procedure, but find themselves going without due to the prohibitive cost of medical care. This common predicament inspired Freekibble to partner with The Animal Rescue Site and Waggle to raise money for pets who need surgeries and other life-changing medical treatment to overcome illness, accidents, and other health challenges.

Photo: Waggle

We’re currently raising money for Luna, a brave poodle mix who nearly died in a tragic house fire that killed her 7 pet siblings. But even though Luna escaped with her life, the dog’s critical burns required surgeries, skin grafts, and weeks of intensive (and expensive) hospital care. Now her owners are struggling to pay Luna’s enormous medical bills, all while grieving their lost pets, trying to find a new place to live, and healing their broken family. Please click here to learn more about Luna’s story and donate to her medical fund on Waggle.

Watch Stella in the video below. She is a living, lovable testament to how knee surgery and other medical care can help transform an animal’s life!

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