Thousands Sign Petition To Save Steer That Escaped Slaughterhouse And Is On The Loose In Rhode Island

Local police and Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) are working together to try and catch a steer running for his life after escaping slaughter.

The roughly 1,500-pound steer escaped on Thursday from a slaughterhouse and is still on the loose in Johnston, Rhode Island. The large animal has been spotted wandering the streets, but continues to evade capture. He was last seen entering a wooded area where police lost sight of him as they waited for proper transportation.

Johnston police urge residents to keep their distance if they see the steer and to contact them or RI DEM. “We are advising the public that the cow is a wild animal and like all wild animals, unpredictable especially when confronted with human contact. Please maintain your distance, report all sightings and leave the capture to trained professionals.”

Photo: Facebook/Johnston, RI Police Department

While some residents find the situation humorous, others are taking action to help save the animal’s life.

An online petition was started by Victoria Ferruccio-Flores that already has over 5,000 signatures to send the steer to a sanctuary – when caught.

“This guy wants to live so badly and we think he’s earned the right to live out the rest of his days in peace, at a Sanctuary! Please join us in showing your support for this escape artist! Anyone who tries as hard as he did deserves to enjoy the good life at a Sanctuary!”

The story of the ‘Johnston cow’ has gone viral and captured the attention of a Massachusetts sanctuary who offered to take the steer. “We here at Smokey Chestnut Farm Rescue in Norton Massachusetts have a home waiting!”

Heidi Medas who runs the sanctuary even said she is willing to pay for him, if it comes to that. The total could be $2,000 to save the steer from slaughter. She told WPRI, “If I can help support the animal in its life then I am all for it. If a bill has to be paid than so be it.”

Many are concerned for the steer’s well-being as the area is experiencing below freezing temperatures and a lot of snow. “Poor thing is probably so hungry and afraid,” wrote one person. Medas told fans to “please hold this cow safe in your heart and pray for the highest good in this situation. Thank you all for caring and sharing your heart with animals!!!”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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