You Better Watch Out Because This Ninja Dog Is STEALTHY. You Won’t Even Hear Him Coming!

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Cats are known for being sneaky, ninja-like animals. Unless you give them a collar with a bell, they could end up right next to you without you ever noticing it. Dogs, on the other hand? Not so much. They tend to make as much noise as possible, barking and running all over the place, ensuring their presence is definitely noted. But, this sneaky, little pup just proved that dogs can actually be as quiet and as stealth as a ninja, too!

At first, the dog seems innocent. He’s just poking his little puppy head out from the other side of the house. But then, when the camera pans back his way, the little guy has silently inched his way forward! You’ll want to watch this hilarious clip all the way to the end to appreciate this ninja dog’s silent skills! Too funny!!

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