This Playful Dog Tries to Play Fetch with a Statue

A game of fetch can brighten up a dog’s day, especially when playing with their favorite human. It’s easy to make them happy, and they have the same effect on people. Dogs can make anyone smile with their natural cuteness and hilarious antics. Living life with a dog can help you appreciate the simplest things in life. Dogs just turn an ordinary day into a fun and exciting one.

A short clip of a playful dog garnered four million views on Instagram — the video was the right combination of fun and adorable. The four million viewers were captivated by a dog who tried to play fetch with a statue. Throughout the clip, the dog was persistent in giving the ball to the Yankee Jack statue in Watchet, England. The dog even placed the ball on the statue’s lap — if it could happen, the figure might move out of delight. This is one of those moments when you just can’t help but say, “Now who’s gonna tell him?”

The background music made the clip funnier and matched the dog’s playfulness and humorous content. The caption was also on point, saying, “I’m sure the statue would play if he could. An adorable pup!” Good News Movement curated the video from a private Instagram account with the handle @sam.and.the.doggos — it would’ve been nice to know them more, but privacy should be respected. The dog made social media users smile with just one clip, and that statue might’ve smiled, too.

Instagram users flooded the clip with comments — most of them tagged their loved ones to share a laugh. Some people were also caught feeling mixed emotions because of the dog. One Instagram user commented, “That statue is rude,” with a laughing emoticon.

The top comment, which gained 568 likes, said, “I need a follow-up video immediately where someone throws the ball for him.” Couldn’t agree more! Many people hope that the dog finally gets to play fetch the way he wants.

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