Dog Doesn’t Understand Why The Statue In The Woods Won’t Play Fetch

An adorable, but rather confused, springer spaniel named Chester didn’t understand why the man in the middle of the woods wouldn’t want to play fetch with him. Chester kept bringing over the stick and nudging it closer to a wooden statue in Buxton Country Park hoping he would throw it.

Chester’s owner, Debby Taylor, couldn’t help but chuckle as her dog continuously tried to get the statue to play. Finally, Chester gave up.

Taylor posted the hilarious video to Facebook with the caption, “It was even funnier watching it.”

She told Storyful that “Chester has always been obsessed with retrieval, whether a ball or a stick.”

It turns out that Chester isn’t the first dog to try and play fetch with the park’s statue. The park’s website says, “Our quarryman has already become a favorite with woodland users, especially dogs who drop balls and sticks to be thrown.”

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