This Starving Dog Was Trapped In A Deep Crater…Her Rescue Was Bone-Chilling!

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This emaciated dog, named Thumbelina, was trapped in a crater that was 15 meters deep. She had no way of getting out on her own, and was slowly starving to death. She was in bad shape and her ribs were completely showing. It’s unknown how long she was stuck down there for, but considering her condition, it’s likely that it was for a while.

The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) received a call about the dog. They immediately went to the scene to check it out. They believe that Thumbelina was purposely abandoned in the crater by someone who didn’t want her anymore. It’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t want this sweet girl. As soon as she saw her rescuers, she looked relieved and began wagging her tail. AAA did what they knew they had to do and began their rescue. They used ropes to pull her up out of the crater to safety. Now, she is happy, healthy, loved and well cared for!

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