Dog Does His Best To Catch A Squirrel That Keeps Outsmarting Him

When it comes to dogs and squirrels, you can really think of them as oil and water. They may both fit into the same glass, but they are not going to mix very well. Perhaps that is why we love this video so much.

The dog in the video wants nothing more than to catch the squirrel, who just seems to be a menace in his yard. He thinks that he has it all figured out, but it isn’t long before we realize that the squirrel has bested him.

One of the ways in which the squirrel has him confused is by switching directions continuously. It doesn’t matter how much the dog tries to catch up with the squirrel, it always seems as if the little rodent is gone.

There is no doubt that dogs love chasing squirrels and if the chase is half the fun, then this dog is loving life. The dog isn’t the only one loving life, the owner is also laughing out loud as she watches her beloved pet try his best to catch an animal that is untouchable.

This is one of those videos that is worth watching over and over again.

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