A Man Gave This Squirrel An Apple. Now, Make Sure To LISTEN For The Cutest Part!

It’s always cool to be able to interact with wildlife (without disturbing them, of course). We have seen plenty of examples of squirrels being friendly and/or not afraid of humans. Like this brave squirrel who snuck up on a Great Dane to steal some peanuts. Or this abandoned squirrel who was very thankful to be rescued. The squirrel in the video below is another example of one of those very friendly squirrels.

A man saw this squirrel hanging out on his deck and gave him an apple core. The friendly squirrel gladly took it without hesitation and started chowing down on it. He holds it in his tiny hands and munches away. The sounds that he makes while eating it are cute enough to make my heart explode! He’s so adorable!!

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