This Squirrel Sees A Box Of Tissues…What He Does Next, LOL!

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Squirrels collect and store nuts and acorns so they’ll have food to last them through the winter, when it’s harder to find food. Since they aren’t readily available in winter, they spend a lot of time in the fall collecting them to prepare. They stuff so many into their mouths that it makes their cheeks puff out so big.

Scrappy the pet squirrel is packing up for winter already…a couple of seasons early! And he isn’t collecting what you’d expect! LOL. He sees a box of tissues on the bed and goes right over to them. He pulls one tissue out and starts packing it into his little mouth. Then he grabs another, and another, and another…until his cheeks are puffy and his mouth is full of tissue. Silly Scrappy!

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