Spotted Dachshund Puppy Goes Viral For His Unique Markings

Most of us have some kind of social media account, and there’s a chance that we follow a pet influencer or two. They’re just so cute and seeing their adorable eccentricities on our feed is always a pick-me-up if we’re experiencing a bad day. Well, now there is another must-follow pet-fluencer to add to our list: the adorable Moo.

Moo is a dachshund with a speckled body, giving him the illusion of being half Dalmatian. The seven-month-old pup might be new to Instagram, but he’s already amassed more than 36K followers on his social media page. He lives in Miami, Florida with his owner, Victoria Hoffman. She regularly posts precious pictures of Moo living his best life.

What sets Moo apart from other dachshunds is his coat. While he’s got a dark-colored head like other dachshunds, his body is quite unique because of the piebald pattern. This coloring is a result of white spots appearing on a pigmented background and it normally extends all over the body.

Moo’s twenty-four-year-old owner has stated that he’s often stopped by people who are confused as to whether or not he’s wearing a sweater, according to VT. She has also stated that the pup gets a lot of requests for pictures whenever they go out in public. Even though his aesthetic attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes, Victoria has stated that his personality is equally as quirky.

According to Victoria, Moo has some adorable little idiosyncrasies of his own, like hiding his toys in the same spot, noshing on almonds or watermelons, and napping under the bed while on his back. All his little quirks mean that Victoria has never experienced a dull moment so far with her pup. She and her boyfriend took the plunge and got him during the pandemic lockdown, and he has brought them plenty of joy since.

Check out some of Moo’s adorable Instagram content below:

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