70 Rescue Cats Get A Second Chance Thanks To You

The largest pet rescue flight in history, Paws Across the Pacific, took place on October 29 and saved the lives of over 600 shelter dogs and cats. The shelter pets were taken from overcrowded shelters in Hawaii and flown to the U.S. mainland to find forever homes.

70 rescued cats were taken in by SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. in Washington. The animal rescue works with local pet retail stores and Kitty Cantina Cafe to find homes for homeless cats and dogs.

Photo: SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.

The small rescue happily took in the shelter cats and said “we are having a hard time keeping pace with adoption demand.” One of their partners, The Kitty Cantina Cafe, has already found home for 300 felines this year and many locals have already inquired about the new cats.

Tosh and Bunny were just two of the rescue cats who quickly found homes thanks to The Kitty Cantina Cafe. Who could resist those adorable faces?!

Ginger Snap, a 5-year-old feline, who was constantly overlooked at her former shelter, quickly found her forever home in Washington.

Most shelters have seen a decrease in donations, so thanks to your generosity we were able to provide over $6,000 in products and essential supplies to care for homeless pets. The products included cat castles, toys, blankets, food bowls, and countless other essentials.

Photo: SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.

These additional supplies will allow the rescue to help more pets find loving homes and keep families and pets together. As well as, allow them to save more lives by freeing up some of their precious funds to put toward medical expenses.

“We are bolstering the emotional well-being of our community through pet ownership! Our pet food bank is also providing food to ensure pets stay united with owners through these economically-challenging times,” stated the rescue.

Photo: SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.

None of this would have been possible without your support. Animal Rescue Site fans helped fund the cost of fuel to transport the pets and the supplies delivered to the shelters through daily clicks, donations, and purchasing items through the store.

Photo: SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.

Every item you purchase through The Animal Rescue Site store funds at least 35 bowls of food for shelter pets in need.

This historic rescue mission was accomplished and hundreds of lives were saved thanks to generous people like you, so thank you!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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