Spoiled dogs of the week: Bebe and Jolie

Last week we had our first installment of our Spoiled Dogs of the Week. Please read the amazing story about Valarie and her two dogs, Sunny and Ryver! And if you and your dog (or dogs) would like to be considered for this feature, please email me at john@doggyloot.com.

In this post we’re introduced to New Jersey native Priscilla, the founder of Prisky Paws, and her two Yorkshire Terriers, Bebe and Jolie.

Tell us about your dogs!

“Bebe is a standard sized Yorkshire Terrier born on January 15, 2003. She has lived a very privileged life so far. She’s been to Portugal, France and Spain for summer vacations as well as Miami Beach in the spring and the Vermont slopes in the winter. Bebe is extremely special to me because when I got her, I had first asked my parents for a brother or sister. They were having marital problems and bought me a dog instead. A few months after having Bebe, my parents divorced and I spent many nights crying. Bebe would lick up my tears and then put her wet nose on mine and burp really loudly. She did this over and over again because I would laugh every time. It may sound silly, but I firmly believe she had a purpose in my life at that time, to wipe away my tears and for that I am forever in her debt.

“Jolie is a teacup sized Yorkshire Terrier with a lot of spunk. She was born on August 2, 2006. She was purchased as a friend for Bebe. When I started working full-time and after finishing college, I would come home to Bebe and she had dried up tears and would be lying on a pile of my clothes in the corner of my room. It broke my heart to see that she missed me so much. I was miserable knowing that she was sad while I was at work so I added a second member to the family. Jolie is full of energy and loves to wear bows and dresses. She actually runs to me when I pick out the hangers from her closet. She’s a true diva.

“Bebe and Jolie are total opposites. Bebe is calm and playful while Jolie is active and selective. Their names in French mean “baby” and “pretty” My girls are the most important things in my life, they make me smile every day. They are always ready to play, and even when I’m not in such a great mood, they are ok with just lying next to me.”

What makes your dogs great?

“My dogs are great because they give me what’s important – happiness. I try every day to be the person my dog thinks that I am and that person is pretty darn wonderful judging by how they greet me every day when I come home. My friends call me crazy because of the money I spend on them, but I just can’t help it, it makes me happy!

“I remember wanting to throw my dog a doggy birthday party and searched all over YouTube and Google and to my surprise couldn’t find anything over the top! ‘People aren’t as crazy about their pets as I am?’ I thought. Well, I got to work and was adamant about being the first to actually have a full-blown doggy birthday party and make a video about it.

“My friends were my audience for the hundreds of videos and pictures. I was often compared to a new mommy because my face would light up when I saw my dogs, and I often referred to them as my girls. I noticed that every time I whipped out my phone it would make people smile. My dogs make people smile. How pawsitively pawsome is that?

“There are people who enter your life and leave footprints on your heart. I want to share my dogs with the world because they’ve left their paw prints all over my heart!”

When did you join doggyloot?

“I joined in early April 2011 and have purchased quite a bit! The team sent my dogs pretty bows for their Summer Safari Pawty in August as well as a shirt for me. We also received a bandana but the girls are so small that we repurposed it as a  blanket!”

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