7 Ways You And Your Pet Can Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day, Aug. 10

If there’s one thing pet parents love doing, it’s spoiling their furry friends, and August 10, National Spoil Your Dog Day, is a perfect excuse to lavish them with even more love.

The holiday itself is no more than a decade old, but for dog dads and moms around the world, it may as well be every day of the year. The extra love and attention you provide your pet will undoubtedly bring you closer together, and if you need ideas as to where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 7 Ways to Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day!

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Enjoy a fun day at your local dog park.

7. Invite the local dogs to a day at the park

Dogs love a fun day in the sun. If you have a local dog park, invite the neighborhood dogs for a play date. Set out toys, food, and water, mark off digging stations, and let your dogs have a ball.

They’ll be tired out by the end of the day, making both your lives much happier.

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Take your dog swimming.

6. Take your dog swimming

Many dogs are natural swimmers, and the hot August weather presents a perfect opportunity to cool off in the water. But don’t forget to bring fresh water to keep your dog hydrated. Pool, sea, or otherwise potentially polluted lake or river water is not a healthy substitute.

If your dog has never been swimming before or has short legs, it may also be a good idea to bring along a life jacket. You don’t want a nice day at the beach to be darkened by drowning hazards.

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Give your dog a massage.

5. Give your dog a massage.

You don’t need to be an expert in deep-tissue, shiatsu, or Swedish techniques, a little head-scratching goes a long way to helping your pet feel comfortable and reduce stress. Plus, it’s an excellent way to bond.

Just use a flat palm to gently massage your dog’s body. Eventually, you’ll understand when and where they might be feeling pain or discomfort.

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Make some homemade treats for your dog.

4. Make your own nutritious treats

Going door to door and asking for treats works so well on Halloween, conversely, handing them out door to door should be more than welcome every other day of the year.

If you know your pet-friendly neighbors, bake them some treats with protein and fiber and bag them up to share!

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Share quality time with your dog every day.

3. Set aside quality time

If you can share some one-on-one time with your pet every day, the affection will keep your bond strong. Humans benefit greatly from having pets around. Multiple studies show that pet owners see a reduced risk of depression, improved social lives, and less stress.

If you’re 65 or older, keeping a pet is a tremendous benefit. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology posits that elderly pet owners “reported fewer doctor contacts over the 1-year period than respondents who did not own pets.” Moreover, “Owners of dogs, in particular, were buffered from the impact of stressful life events on physician utilization.”

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Volunteer at a shelter in need.

2. If you don’t have a dog, volunteer at your local shelter

Oftentimes, even more than supplies, shelter workers just need a few extra helping hands. Volunteer at your local animal shelter and you could find yourself in one of the most rewarding positions around: official pet cuddler.

According to the Central California SPCA, one of the biggest benefits of volunteering is the instant gratification it provides both humans and the animals.

“As you begin to work with an animal, you can see a change in their personality almost instantly,” the CCSPCA reports. “Whether it’s taking them for a walk, giving them a bath or just showing them some love, their personalities come out and they start to shine. You can almost see the change in their behavior instantly. Now, that is something entirely rewarding.”

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Keep your dog happy and healthy with the right diet.

1. Keep them healthy

Even the cuddliest dogs are not immune to poor diet. That’s why it’s so important to feed your dog the right food, something recommended by your veterinarian, and the right supplements.

Krill Oil supplements provide critical fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9), super antioxidant Astaxanthin and Vitamins A, E, and Biotin. They are made in tasty chewable chunks and promote healthy skin and normal shedding. Giving your dog krill oil regularly may even lessen discomfort from dry or itchy skin.

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