They Saw This House Cat In The Window And Called Animal Services. When I Saw Why, I Couldn’t Help But Laugh!

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Colleen Pizarev has a house cat named Spock. But Spock is not your average cat, for he is often mistaken for a bobcat or a lynx. I know what you’re thinking: how on earth could anyone mistake a house cat for a bobcat?! Well, the answer may shock you…Spock, a Maine Coon Cat, is 27-pounds and four feet long! When passersby see Spock lying in the windowsill, they often knock on the door to find out more about this unusually large cat.


Pizarev says that despite his size, Spock is very gentle and loving; he even lets his 10-pound kitty sibling, Fluffball, boss him around. The only con about Spock being so big, is that he jumps on tables and pushes everything off with his giant behind. Pizarev even secures many items down to her tables with earthquake putty! Although Spock seems different in some ways, he is just like many cats in other ways. His human says he is very addicted to YouTube and loves to watch video of squirrels and birds, wrapping his paw around the back of the screen to try and catch them. Spock may be much bigger than any other cat you’ve seen before, but that just means there’s more of him to love!

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