This Video Gives You A Spine-Chilling Look Into The Korean Dog Meat Market. But, Wait For The Ending!

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Culture. It’s what makes up this place that we call Earth and it’s also what separates us from one another. Here in the United States, Dogs are our best friends. They are kind, cuddly, adorable creatures that bring us nothing but joy and happiness. But, in other parts of the world, those same cuddly creatures are considered meat.

On June 23, Seven dogs who were in South Korea, destined for the dog meat market, were saved when Aniband, an animal rescue in Korea swooped in to save their lives. Aniband covered all of the expenses, and put them into foster homes where they were provided with warm homes and medical care. Once they were healthy enough to travel, they were sent to America, where all seven of them found furever homes!

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