This Special Needs Husky Finally Found His Furever Home. When You See His Reaction, You Can’t Help But Smile!

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Ringo the Husky suffers from megaesophagus, a condition where peristalsis fails to occur properly and the esophagus is enlarged. Normally, the esophagus pushes the food down into the stomach; but with megaesophagus, the esophagus stays enlarged and the food is unable to go down. Because Ringo suffers from this condition, he has to sit in a special chair in order to eat safely. Despite this, there is now so much for Ringo to be happy about!

Ringo has found his furever home! A couple with a young daughter came to the shelter to pick him up and you can just tell how much they are going to love and care for him. The little girl won second place in Two Rivers Dog Sled Race for kids, and will now have her very own Husky to play with and train! I think this family is a perfect fit for Ringo, and I am so happy that they found each other!

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