They Have 72 Hours Before The Unthinkable Happens. Luckily, These Rescues Are Here To Help!

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There is a huge overpopulation problem of strays in the south. Dogs roam the streets or are locked up in animal shelters, where they live in horrible conditions and oftentimes are euthanized. Some shelters have kill rates of 90-95 percent, and around 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide each year.

There are many organizations that work to relocate animals so that they don’t have to stay at these terrible places or end up dying. Two organizations in particular are the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue in New York, and the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society in Vidalia, Georgia. Both of them rescue these pups from high kill rate shelters. They use social media to relocate these pups so that they have a better chance of being adopted. This video gives you a look inside these great organizations and documents a rescue dog named Turner’s journey to his furever home!

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