After 20 Years Together, His Owner Gives Up On Him. HOW CRUEL!

Sadly, it happens too often. Senior dogs are being surrendered to shelters at an alarming rate due to medical expenses and lack of empathy or patience for an elderly animal.

But with all the surrenders happening, even the most seasoned staff members of this shelter were SHOCKED when Sonoma came in.

Sonoma is a 20-year-old Cocker Spaniel that has spent his entire life with one human. Sonoma came through the door of Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California. He’s blind and deaf, and totally shocked that he, after 20 years with the same owner, had to be anywhere but at home. His sad picture was plastered on social media and on the Pet Rescue Report.

Thanks to social media and all the shares of Sonoma’s photo, Frosted Faces Foundation took immediate action. They went to pick Sonoma up right away! He only had to spend one night at the shelter then it was off to his new home to live with other senior dogs.

According to an update from the Pet Rescue Report, Sonoma was thrilled to leave the shelter and wagged his tail the entire way to the car. The Frosted Faces foundation said: “… ultimately, it doesn’t matter when, how, or why you surrendered your dog. At any age, the only languages a dog will ever know are fierce loyalty and love. There is nothing one can say to explain to your dog all of the reasons you feel your decision of abandonment is justified, and that is why we operate Frosted Faces Foundation.”

Once settled in a bit, Sonoma got a much needed bath where they also treated his infected ears. Afterwards, he got a warm bed and a dashing bowtie. Sonoma was able to take a nap knowing he will NEVER be given up on again!

While the surrender of Sonoma, in the first place, is incredibly cruel, seeing everyone rush to his aid proves that humanity is still thriving. That there is way more good in the world than cruelty.

Source: iheartdogs

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