These Soldiers Met A Stray Dog And Her Seven Puppies In Afghanistan. What They Did To Save Them Will Melt Your Heart!

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While this Army National Guard Unit was stationed in Afghanistan in 2012, they met a stray dog who they really took a liking to and vice versa. They adopted her as their own and named her Sheba. She went on patrols with them and waited each night for their return. Then she got pregnant and gave birth to seven puppies. The soldiers knew that they would never survive out there on their own. They gave them food, bathe them, and took care of them as much as they could. When it was time for the unit to come back to America, they knew they couldn’t leave these precious dogs behind.

After getting many donations, they were able to get the dogs to a shelter there for a temporary stay. From there they were flown to Dubai, and then finally to America, 8,000 miles later, via Guardians of Rescue’s “Paws of War – No Buddy Left Behind” program. The unit awaited the puppies’ arrival at JFK airport in New York. Their reunion was captured on video and it’s just so sweet! Sheba and her pups recognized the soldiers and were happy to see them again. Now they never have to get separated from them again and will get to live a happy life here in America!

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