Soldier Adopts Stray Puppy From Iraq And Brings Him Home After A Month Apart: “You Don’t Leave A Friend Behind”

It can be difficult to be away from home. That is especially so when you are in the military and find yourself thousands of miles away in a war zone. It was a pain that Ken Wyrsch knew all too well when he was in Iraq on a tour of duty. His homesickness was made much better, however, when he found a new friend.

Ken met his new friend near the base. It wasn’t another military member, it was a stray puppy that he named Ollie. The little pup provided him with comfort in a place that seemed to be lacking what he needed. When Ken and the other soldiers went out on a mission, Ollie would wait faithfully for them to return. When he came home to his little furry friend, it provided him with much comfort.

As is the case with all soldiers who complete their tour of duty, Ken was sent home to California. The news came in the form of a base closure, and it meant that Ollie would soon be back, living as a stray on the streets of Iraq. Since there are strict laws that keep dogs from just boarding a plane and flying to the United States, Ken was heartbroken.

He realized that Ollie would now have to live in a difficult area all on his own. Since he was a loving and kind dog, it was likely that he wouldn’t survive long. That is when Ken got in touch with SPCA International to see what could be done.

After a month of waiting and many donations, Ken and Ollie were reunited. To see the reunion take place is something that will warm your heart.

Ken said it best, “You don’t leave a friend behind.”

You can see the reunion for yourself in this video:

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