When I Saw How Much Hair Was On The Ground Once The Samoyed Was Done Being Brushed, I Was SHOCKED.

At first you can see this adorable Samoyed playing around with his toy and running around outside in the snow. But soon he will have to take a break from playing to get brushed, which he clearly doesn’t mind one bit!

He lies down and lets his owner brush him. The brushing session was so long (an hour!!) that his owner made a time lapse out of it! This pup has SO much fur that it’s clear he’ll shed some during his grooming session…but I didn’t think it would be THIS much!! Watch as the pile of hair gets higher and higher as time passes. Halfway through, he gets up and turns over so his owner could brush the other side. At the end of the video, you can see the pup sitting next to the giant pile of his fur. You could make a ton of sweaters out of all that fur! Lol!

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