‘Snuggle Puppy’ Is Specially Designed To Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Some dogs deal with terrible separation anxiety. If you have a dog that feels that way, you can take comfort from The American Veterinary Medical Association, that says it is a common problem. In fact, it is the most commonly diagnosed behavioral problem in dogs. As many as 40% of all dogs in North America who have behavioral issues are diagnosed with separation anxiety.

A number of different symptoms may be evident with separation anxiety, including chewing, barking, digging, urinating in the house, and trying to escape. Although it is not fully understood why dogs suffer from this problem, it is known that dogs adopted from shelters tend to have it more frequently than those who are part of a family since they were a puppy.

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According to one research study, Dr. Stephanie Schwartz, a veterinary behavioralist, made a comparison between separation anxiety in pets and phobic disorder or panic attacks in humans.

A company called Smart Pet Love has designed a toy, the Snuggle Puppy, and it may help a dog who suffers from separation anxiety.

The heat pack in the stuffed puppy helps to stimulate security in the dog as they are cuddling with it. It also has a pulsing heartbeat, meant to make them feel like they are with their mothers or the rest of the litter.

Photo: Amazon

At this point, you’re probably wondering if it can really be this simple. The manufacturer recommends introducing the new puppy slowly and monitoring them at first to make sure they don’t chew on it. It might not be the right choice for an older dog, but if you have a new puppy or new addition to the home, it may help them feel secure.

You can see some comments from very happy customers on their Instagram page. One dog that benefited is this mini-goldendoodle named Hugo.

The post gave a glowing review that came from the pet and his pet mom: “I love my Snugglepuppy ❤️ Mom recommends this for all the little puppies that are getting used to sleeping without their littermates! The Snugglepuppy has a heartbeat and a heat pack inside so I don’t feel like I’m sleeping alone”

A ‘new puppy starter kit’ is also available that includes a Snuggle Puppy, a toy, a blanket, three heat packs, and a teething aid. You will pay $69.99 for this package on Amazon but it will help your puppy to transition to the new environment in your home.

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