A Snorkeler Rescued This Porcupine Fish From A Net. But Watch Who Stays By His Side…

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A few snorkelers from CORE Sea, a non-profit organization that conducts and promotes marine conservation, research, and education, in South East Asia, came across a porcupine fish who was in need of a quick assistance. While he was swimming in the waters of Thailand’s Chaloklum Bay, he managed to get himself tangled in a fishing net and couldn’t get out on his own. While he was stuck, his little fish friend stood by his side the entire time.

The snorkeler, a volunteer at CORE Sea, used a sharp piece of glass from a broken bottle to cut the net. After working at it for a few minutes, he was able to get it off the tangled fish and set him free. Once untangled, the fish and his friendly companion quickly swam off into the ocean. Watch the amazing rescue in the video below:

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