Glitter Litter And Fine Feline Foods Top SNL’s Pet-Centric Commercial Parodies

For nearly four decades, Saturday Night Live has filled weekends with hilarity, and given us something to make small talk about as we return to the office on Monday morning. The combination of witty writing and improvisational agility has set a benchmark that many comedians can only dream of meeting.

SNL has become an institution, having led to spinoff films like “Coneheads,” “Night at the Roxbury,” and “Wayne’s World,” just to name a few. Each episode begins with an introduction from the special guest, sometimes even a musical number, before diving into the cast’s best sketches of the week. But often it’s the space between sketches that packs the biggest punch.

Anyone who’s ever thought of pouring themselves a nice hearty bowl of “Colon Blow” and strapping on a pair of “Oops! I Crapped My Pants” under their “Mom Jeans” probably knows what we’re talking about. SNL’s commercial parodies are often more anticipated than the musical guest.

Source: YouTube/Saturday Night Live
Fine dining for cats, anyone?

The fake commercials are often as well-produced as the real thing. They may even catch you off guard if you’re expecting a spot from a more prominent advertiser.

Source: YouTube/Saturday Night Live
Glitter Litter is probably not the new hotness.

A few of our favorites are features in the video below, but keep in mind, they’re meant to be satirical. The Animal Rescue Site does not condone filling your cat’s litter box with glitter and conning your friends into buying pieces of jewelry made from pet droppings.

Source: YouTube/Saturday Night Live
But how does it smell?

That’s just gross, right? But also, pretty funny stuff, despite what Matt Damon may say about cats.

Source: YouTube/Saturday Night Live
“Fire,” says Matt Damon.

So pay attention, and get ready to laugh, because these pet-centric ads are absolutely uproarious.

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