This Cat Sees His Stocking… But It’s What He Does NEXT That Had Me On The Floor!

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get out your Christmas trees, menorahs, and dig up all of your holiday decorations! This family already finished decorating for the holidays. They have all of their stockings hung up on the stairs. Sometimes it’s really difficult to wait for Christmas morning to open up your presents. Some people barely wait until Christmas Eve. It’s especially difficult to be patient if you’re a kid. Or a cat…

This cat clearly did not want to wait until Christmas morning to see what was in his stocking. He pokes his head through the stair railings and sneakily reaches down to the stocking. He pulls it off the hook with his little paws and mouth, pulls it through the railings, runs down the stairs with it, and takes it into hiding. Now he won’t be able to be surprised on Christmas morning. Oh well, I hope he likes his gifts!

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