Meet Smudge: The Real-Life Cat From The “Woman Yelling At Cat” Meme

2019 definitely finished its meme-game strong with one of our all-time favorites: “woman yelling at cat,” or “Smudge the cat meme.” It was everywhere online, and for good reason, there is so much material to get out of it. For those that may not know this meme – though highly unlikely – the meme features a picture of a yelling woman, followed by a picture of a white cat seated in front of a salad plate.

The kitty’s little confused face has proven itself to be a meme goldmine of relatable material, so it’s no wonder that it was so popular and spawned so many variations of itself, as well as memes of the meme.

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I is vampire 🧛‍♂️

A post shared by Smudge – Table Cat (@smudge_lord) on Dec 6, 2019 at 12:13pm PST

Who would’ve imagined that a simple dinner picture was the catalyst for this white kitty to rocket to instant internet fame?

So, many of you may be wondering who the cat behind the meme is.

Apparently, his name is Smudge. Want to see more of Smudge? You’re in luck, there’s a Smudge the cat Instagram page.

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Cursed image

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How did this Smudge the cat meme thing come about? Well, it turns out that Smudge hates vegetables – don’t we all?

According to Smudge’s owner, Miranda Stillabower, Smudge always gets a seat at the table, or else he will “freak out,” as she explained to CTV News.

So, what is it that freaks him out and gives him the face in the meme? Vegetables.

The now-famous picture was taken one night when Smudge snuck up to the incorrect seat and found himself confronting his worst nightmare: a full plate of salad. Since he was face to face with all these “disgusting” veggies, his face went into full shock – a look that we’ve all come to know and love.

His owners took the picture and shared it on social media, having absolutely no idea that he would become a global phenomenon.

His Instagram page now has more than a million followers – all of whom get a glimpse into his daily life, plus a plethora of “woman yelling at cat” memes, among his reactions to certain food groups.

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