He Was Dying From Starvation In A Backyard…But Thanks To This Woman, He’s Now Transformed!

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This dog, named Smokey, did not have a good life with his previous owners. The people he belonged to didn’t even want him. He was kept outside and was not given food or water. In fact, the woman wanted to “put him down” but did not feel like paying the money to do so. When a woman named Darlene heard this story coming from her manicurist’s mouth (the woman who owned the puppy) she could not believe it.

Darlene asked for a picture of the dog, and noticed how emaciated and sad he looked. She went to the woman’s house and saw Smokey there; he could not walk and wasn’t even able to eat the food she tried to give him. Darlene took the pup and brought him to an animal hospital. He was given fluids and food. They believe he hadn’t eaten for weeks, maybe even months. Eventually he began to gain weight and went from 40 to 60 pounds. Forte Animal Rescue in Marina del Rey, California, helped Darlene pay for the hospital bills and also to re-home him. Now, less than a year later, Smokey is back to great health and living in Los Angeles with his furever family! If it weren’t for Darlene, this dog never would have survived much longer!

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