This Smart Dog Knows The Names Of 150 Different Toys. But When They Give Him One He’s Never Heard Before? OMG

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This Border Collie, named Gable, knows the names of 150 different toys. In this video, you get to see how it works. They tell Gable to get a certain toy, like his kong for example, and he goes over to the pile of toys spread out everywhere and goes right to the kong and brings it back. He doesn’t even hesitate when finding each one that he’s told to get. It’s absolutely incredible.

They even laid out a couple of familiar toys and then added in one toy that he didn’t know and told him to get it. Through quick process of elimination, he successfully picked the new toy because he knew it wasn’t the ones there that he did know. This dog is such a smarty, I wish my dog could do this!!

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