When I Saw That The Small Dog Was Doing THIS, I Started Cracking Up!

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If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know how crafty they can be when they are trying to nab a bite or two of someone else’s food. Whether it’s begging under the table, sneaking a bite when no one’s looking, or breaking in to the snack cabinet, if a puppy or dog is hungry, then they usually find a way to procure some more noms. Like this hilarious (and pretty clever) dog!

Watch closely as the older dog is going along eating from his dog bowl, minding his own business, not even noticing the tiny dog hiding in the corner who’s stealing bites of food! When the adorable, sneaky dog first pops up in the lefthand corner, you almost miss him! (Or, maybe that was just me?) The little guy is in the shot one second, but then right back out the next! Clearly, this canine knows a thing or too about stealing food. Keep him away from my plate please!! You never know what the hilarious pup will gobble down next!

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