Fluffy Dog Chases Burglars Off The Property And Down The Driveway

People sometimes make the mistake of underestimating small dogs. Just because they’re little doesn’t mean that they don’t have a stout heart. Some of the bravest guard dogs can come in the form of pint-sized pooches. They will do anything to protect their family. One video that was posted to Reddit featured an adorable little white dog coming to the defense of his home – proving that man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes.

The foiled break-in occurred in Townsville, Australia. Around 5 in the morning, the security camera on the porch picked up two men with nefarious intent slinking up to the home’s front porch.

When the porch light turned on, one of the burglars pulled his t-shirt over his head in an effort to try and conceal his identity. As they proceeded to break into the home they were quickly met with a surprise. The little dog, Marley, was not about to let them inside.

Within seconds, the two criminals were seen fleeing out of the home. They were chased down the driveway by Marley. As soon as they’d been chased off, little Marley stood at the edge of the driveway, anticipating them coming back.

The footage also caught the homeowner emerging from the property to see what the commotion was about. The elderly woman questioned Marley, asking the tiny canine where all the noise was coming from. Fortunately for her and those inside the home, the sounds were that of Marley’s bravery over two burglary suspects.

We can only hope that Marley received a big, juicy steak as a thank you for his protection. He was definitely acting as a very good boy that night.

Watch him in action below:

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