Drunk Man Wanders Into Wrong House On New Year’s Eve, Cuddles With 150-Pound Mastiff

People often bring large dogs into their homes because they’re thought to add an extra element of protection, but one Wisconsin woman recently found out that her Bull Mastiff is far more lover than fighter.

Lynn Sarver’s 150-pound dog, Benton, is so big that he sleeps on a twin-sized mattress in her living room. The dog’s massive size is one reason Sarver adopted him in the first place. The Wisconsin nurse and her roommate count on the nearly 3-year-old dog to help guard their household.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY’S TMJ4

That’s why Sarver was rather surprised and alarmed to find her guard dog cuddling there with a stranger in her living room on New Year’s Day.

“I woke up and saw someone over here on this dog bed,” Sarver told a Milwaukee TV crew, recalling how she initially mistook Benton’s new snuggle buddy to be her son.

After realizing that the sleeping man was actually a complete stranger, Sarver and her roommate grabbed a knife for protection, called the cops, and then hid in the kitchen. In time, they also tried to rouse the interloper, but Benton — rather than help fight off the intruder — seemed more than happy to cuddle.

The man turned out to be a young neighbor who’d innocently passed out in the wrong house after a little too much partying on New Year’s Eve. When he eventually woke up, he apologized and admitted to excessive New Year’s Eve drinking before stumbling back to his own home.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY’S TMJ4

Sarver doesn’t plan to press charges, but she has learned something new about Benton, whom media have collectively taken to calling the world’s worst guard dog.

Mastiffs might look scary, but this particular dog doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. If she’s looking for protection, Sarver should probably start locking her doors.

Learn more about this hilarious NYE mix-up in the video below!

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