Watch the Incredible Transformation of a Husky from a Walking Skeleton to a Handsome Canine

Witnessing a dog going through extreme physical changes due to stress and medical conditions is utterly heartbreaking. You don’t always know if there is still a chance to make them look lively again and help them overcome trauma.

Ryker the husky was one of those fortunate rescue dogs who was given a brand-new life. The husky was literally skin and bones when his former owners brought him to a vet, and they had lost all hope for Ryker as they requested euthanasia.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

That is when an animal rescue group called Friends of Faye entered Ryker’s life. Euthanasia was not the answer to end the husky’s suffering — they knew exactly what to do. He was then placed in a home with her foster mom Hillary.

“From the day we met him, he was wagging his tail the whole time,” Hillary said. “It’s like he glowed. He was always smiling. He was just happy,” she continued.

Ryker was malnourished due to starvation — his fur was badly affected by a severe case of mange. Aside from that, he also had ear infections and a heart murmur. Ryker’s condition was neglected his whole life, which made his foster mom Hillary much more motivated to change it — he was not yet a hopeless case.

Photo: Youtube/We Love Animals

“I realized he has this growl. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life, the day that he spoke to us for the first time, and then he never stopped,” Hillary shared.

Ryker became a jolly and talkative dog while living at the foster home. He was playful and very interactive for a dog who looked so sick. It wasn’t just his physical features that improved; his social skills as a husky came back as well. Aside from showers of love, Ryker received emergency veterinary care, and he was given proper food, making his recovery even better. In six weeks, Ryker was a totally different canine — the glow-up was astounding.

To further change his life, Hillary sought potential parents for Ryker. She looked for a family that would understand huskies. After chatting with several families, she came to a decision based on her gut feeling. Mike and Donna were the chosen parents for Ryker — it was a match made in heaven. Ryker did not just gain new parents but now has a husky brother named Dallas. They instantly became the best of friends — as if they were just waiting to meet after being separated for a long time. Once skin and bones, the husky is now a handsome canine living with his lovely family.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

“That’s the best part of rescue is a story like Ryker’s, where you can take something so broken, and you’re privileged enough to change their life and be part of it,” says Hillary.

Watch the video below to see how the animal rescue group Friends of Faye changed Ryker’s life. The rescue group is consistent with its advocacy and is still fostering many lovely dogs — who are also open for adoption. You might want to visit their website and find the perfect dog that will add happiness to your life.

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