Cat Goes Viral For Its Incredible Skateboarding Skills

Cats are naturally quite agile animals. They’re capable of performing incredible feats and can balance with the skill of a tightrope walker or take large, powerful leaps through the air like a ballet dancer.

Given their natural abilities, it makes perfect sense that they would be good at something that requires graceful balance, like skateboarding. And one adorable little white Himalayan cat named Yeti is becoming quite the viral sensation with his skateboarding skills.

Yeti lives in Vancouver with his owners, Kylee Kimler and Randy Price. The two have been making plenty of content for TikTok and Instagram that features Yeti. While the skateboarding has been what has really put the feline on the map in terms of viral fame, Kimler and Price have other videos that show he’s actually a cat of all trades. His other Instagram and TikTok videos feature the kitty dancing, playing around with his owners, and just chilling at home.

But his most famous video clip is that of him skateboarding, and that was captured by Price who one day happened to be in the middle of filming Yeti when he suddenly hopped aboard the skateboard all by himself. Kimler was so surprised when Yeti rolled past her on the skateboard that she had to confirm with Price that Yeti had indeed done that himself.

Naturally, such a stunt quickly gained him tons of online fame as other people were just as intrigued by the cat. He now has thousands of people viewing his TikTok video, as well as hundreds of new followers following him on his Instagram page. The skateboarding cat has been called “awesome” by plenty of people only, some of whom are admitting they’ve become quite taken by the skateboarding cat. Must be nice for Yeti to have so many adoring fans.

Some of these new admirers have even taken some classic early naughties lyrics from Avril Lavigne and given them a feline twist by joking, “He was a skater cat, said cya later cat.” But Yeti is more than just a skater cat. As his owners are proud to show, he’s got multiple feline skills which include sleeping inside suitcases and frying pans, as well as chilling on his owner’s shoulders. But the most impressive skill of his is still skateboarding. Check out the video below:

What do you think of Yeti the skating cat? Let us know!

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