Six ways to make dog training more effective

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So, rowdy Rover is working on his manners? Excellent! Training any dog at any age is vitally important. It helps build your relationship, strengthens communication between the two of you, and keeps your dog’s mind active. We ask a lot of our dogs and often we work hard together to reach our goals. Here are some easy, all-natural remedies that will help you get the most out of your training sessions:

1) Flower essences – Given directly before a training session, the Bach essences Heather or Clematis can be helpful in gaining attention and concentration from your dog.

2) Aromatherapy – Diffusing a blend of clary sage and chamomile essential oils into the air during training sessions can help keep your dog focused and calm.

3) Stretching/massage – A light session of stretching or massage before you start training can prepare your dog’s body to work and help him focus on you.

4) Homeopathy – The homeopathic remedy Silica, offered directly before a training session, can help your dog learn new behaviors and retain information.

5) Herbal tea – Brew an organic, yummy tea with ingredients such as gingko and american ginseng. Let cool and serve to your dog after training to help replenish brainpower and resistance to stress.

6) Breathing exercises – Sit on the floor with your dog, you can rest a hand on him gently if you’d like, and take nice, big, deep breaths. These breaths will help lower both your resting heart rates and is a great way to start or end a big training session!

Of course, above all else, training should be fun and engaging for your dog! These remedies will help take your training to the next level. Happy training!

Anna Bettina is a certified canine trainer, nutritionist, and holistic practitioner. She believes everyone should have a Happy Healthy Pup and offers daily insights for the well-being of your own dog on her Facebook page.

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