Things Looked Grim For These Animals, But The Light At The End Is BRIGHT.

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It is a sad truth that there are many animals who roam the streets of India—lonely, sick, and fending for themselves. There is also no hospitals for street animals throughout most of India, so many of them walk around injured. A family living in Udaipur, India, who was originally from Seattle in the United States, noticed the large number of injured animals on the street. Because it broke their hearts, they founded an organization named Animal Aid in 2002 to help rescue as many of these poor animals as they could.

Animal Aid has their own hospital and vet staff, a rescue staff, and even a four-acre sanctuary for their rescued animals. The street animals in the video below are just a handful of the thousands of animals that Animal Aid has rescued over the years. With each of these six rescues, these animals probably would not have survived much longer if it weren’t for Animal Aid. They are all equally amazing! Watch for yourself!

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