Every Time He Sits Down To Watch TV, His Dog Does THIS.

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Some dogs are super lovable and affectionate, but I love that about them! Whenever my dog wants to cuddle, I get super happy. There are very few things in life that are better than snuggling up in a comfy spot with your fur-baby. Well this guy, Dolph Volker, get endless cuddles from his Saint Bernard every time he sits down to watch television.

Shasta just wants to give love and get it in return. She’s a big dog with a huge heart and just loves attention! Whenever Volker sits down, Shasta comes right over and lies down in his lap, pawing him and trying to get his attention. Of course he gives it to her, but that still doesn’t stop her from being persistent anyway. She’s adorable though! I would love to cuddle that big fluffball!

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