Forget The Halftime Show, These Singing Sheep Were Un-baaaaa-lievable!

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The commercials are oftentimes one of the best things about the Super Bowl. Some people tune in just to see them. The Heinz commercial featuring the stampede of Dachshunds dressed up as hot dogs was pretty great, but this Honda commercial may top the list.

A bunch of sheep take a ride in the bed of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline. This truck has an audio system that turns the whole bed into a huge outdoor speaker. When the sheep are dropped off, they begin singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” which is playing in the truck. Then the truck comes back to drop off more sheep, and the man switches the song to it’s new “truck bed audio” feature. The song then blasts out loud outside, and all of the sheep rejoice in singing along to Queen together. I think these sheep need to join a choir together, what do you think?

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