“Simon’s Cat” Discovers Christmas. Cat Owners Can Relate!

It’s the Christmas season and you are all excited to put up your tree! You dig out the boxes of ornaments and lights, pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa, and put on some Bing Crosby. It’s wonderful afternoon or evening, and you go to bed full of warmth and joy. A few hours later, you hear a few tinkly noises, maybe a bit of broken glass, and then…CRASH! Thanks to the curiosity of your cute little fur buddy (or buddies), all of your joyous work is scattered across the floor.

Simon Xmas tree 1
Or is that just us?
SImon xmas tree 2

This delightful video features “Simon’s Cat”, whose sole purpose it seems is to find ever more outrageous and heavy-handed ways to get his owner to feed him. In this one, it’s the Christmas tree that bears the brunt of Simon’s “curiosity.”
**Side note** We have started using mostly non-breakable ornaments and tying it to the wall with monofilament fishing line. It’s a yearly adventure!

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