Silly Puppy Plays Catch, But At :06 I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

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Some people think dogs get to experience the sweet life. They just get to run around, play, fetch, eat, sleep, and lick as many faces as possible throughout their day. However, this pup clearly shows that the dog life is tougher than it looks!! Not every dog is born with immediate coordination or catch and fetch skills, you know…

This adorable pup clearly seems to have some issues with the whole coordination thing! The cute, little guy just can’t seem to figure out how this whole “catch” idea is supposed to work… The toy goes up and everything looks good, until the oh-so-cute pup gets a toy to the face before he takes an adorable tumble!! Hopefully those coordination skills will come with age, or maybe this hilarious pup just wasn’t born to catch!

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