This Silly Dog Goes Has A Unique Way Of Going Down Stairs Guaranteed To Make You Dizzy!

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I have to admit, sometimes if I run down the stairs, I’m already out of breath when I get to the bottom. This dog is clearly in much better shape than I am, and he’s found a way to improve his cardio even more. Watching this might make you dizzy, but it’s so funny and cute! You know that feeling you get after you spin around in circles over and over and then feel like the entire room is spinning when you’re done, and you can’t even see or walk straight? Well, this pup definitely has to feel that way after this!

He goes down the stairs but not in a normal way. He spins around in a 360 as he goes down each step. He spins so quickly too and never misses a beat! He clearly has great paw-eye coordination! One thing is for sure: this makes for some great exercise! I wonder if this is a one-time thing or if this dog does this daily. It does look like he’s had a lot of practice though! At least it looks like he’s having fun!

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