Silly Dog Gets Caught Tearing Up Furniture. The Face He Makes? Just Watch!

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Dogs will be dogs and sometimes that means they can do some pretty serious damage to your house and furniture. A chewed up shoe here, a pee stain on the carpet, the corners and edges of your favorite books destroyed: These are all things dogs and puppies are capable of. Despite these minor setbacks, we love our canine pals because they are a part of the family! Regardless of whether they tear up our favorite blanket or rip apart our favorite lazy-boy chair, like this trouble making pup.

This dog’s owner returns home to find his home disheveled and the stuffing of his furniture all over the carpet. Like any pet owner, you know pets are capable of this, but it doesn’t make it any easier to digest. You know what does? Glancing over at the guilty dog and seeing the hilarious canine making silly faces in his kennel. How could his owner possibly stay mad when his favorite four-legged friend is busy doing hilarious dog things?? I know I wouldn’t be able to!

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