This Bashful Ram Walks Up To A Pack Of Dogs Playing. Now, Watch What One Dog Does!

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In Nova Scotia, Canada, lives this adorable group of dogs and a bashful little ram. The pups are play fighting each other and doing other dog things. Although cute, this is not a surprise; just your typical dog behavior. But what’s a surprise is who their audience is. This adorable ram! He is just standing there quietly, watching the dog’s play around with each other.

You can tell that he wants to join in on the fun. He looks very intrigued, but isn’t too sure how to go about adding himself into the equation. The dogs finally stop and notice his presence. He builds up the courage to go up to the dogs, and one dog goes up to him as well. The dog sits down at first but the ram bravely eggs him on to play. The way they play around together is adorable!

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