Kitten Won’t Leave New Mom’s Shoulder

Grand Rapids, Michigan, resident Madison Kelly had just finished a bike race in South Chicago and was headed out to her van when she was approached by some fellow cyclists who had found a tiny stray kitten all alone under a vehicle.

“She was a lone kitten,” recalls Kelly. “Some bike racers found her all dirty under a car and carried her around looking for someone to take her.”

Kelly has always harbored a special love for cats, ever since her childhood cat, Kitsy, who had passed away not long before at the age of 19. So she instinctively stopped to take a look.

As soon as she took the kitten, it crawled up on her shoulder and refused to come down. Obviously, it had found its safe place and was claiming its new mom, whether she liked it or not.

Photo: YouTube/Love Meow

“I didn’t win the race but won a stray kitten’s companionship,” says Kelly.

Kelly named the kitten Puig, which means “podium” in Latin and also “climb” in Catalan. Who could possibly have come up with a better name for this little climber?

Puig happily rode all the way home to Michigan with Kelly and her family, taking a few minutes to explore the entire car before climbing into Kelly’s lap to enjoy the ride. She purred the entire way home.

Photo: YouTube/Love Meow

Once they arrived home, Puig needed a big meal and a warm bath, but then she was ready for anything. Since being adopted, she’s shown herself to be quite the playful and inquisitive spirit.

“She likes to snuggle, but when she’s not snuggling, she’s causing all kinds of mischief and hilarity, hunting sponges and socks and stashing them in strange places,” says Kelly. “She stashed a wet kitchen sponge under the covers by my feet while I slept.”

Kelly also reports that she and her boyfriend often wake up to “a collection of socks laid out on the covers, gifts from Puig’s night of hunting.”

Shortly after adopting Puig, Kelly adopted another kitty named Waffle as a friend for her, in tribute to the late Kitsy. Puig has taken to Waffle like any good sister should, and the two are the best of friends.

Kelly believes adopting Puig was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. “Adopt a stray and they will love you forever,” she says.

Puig is having all sorts of crazy adventures in her new home. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of just a few of them.

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